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Photography Training
Have you just got a digital camera, or perhaps you have had one for a while, either way you are bewildered by the array of settings on it?

Do you have this feeling that perhaps you are not getting the most out of this complex equipment?

Do you want to get off auto and start to unleash the potential of the camera and explore your creativity?

Do you want to know more about the subject of photography?

I can help.
I can answer questions like:

What is composition in photography?
What is exposure in photography?
What is aperture and how do I decide what is correct?
What is depth of field in photography?
What shutter speed shoud I use?

I can offer training to cover the basics of the craft of photography: exposure, focusing, light, camera operation etc.

I can explain basic camera components and functions: lens, shutter, sensor, aperture, speed

I can cut through the jargon and show how you can get the best use out of your equipment.

Here are some of the courses I can offer:

One hour introduction to composition - £25 for one participant, £10 each for additional ones (up to a maximum of four in total).
Composition is about arranging the elements in a photograph in a pleasing or meaningful way. Some of the topics covered include:
  • Balance,
  • Lines, points and shapes,
  • Rule of thirds, golden section

One hour introduction to light and colour -  £25 for one participant, £10 each for additional ones (up to a maximum of four in total).
Photography means drawing with light, without light there can be no photography. This course touches a little bit on theory but concentrates on how we can use, exploit and shape light. We look at artificial and ambient light and how we can modify and shape the light. We touch briefly on simple colour theory.

Three hour fundamentals of camera operation - £75 for one participant, £25 for each additional attendee (to a maximum of four in total).
This is the course to understand camera operation and demistify the terms used.
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO
  • Focussing and depth of field
  • Motion blur
We learn best not just by being shown but also by doing so this course gives plenty of opportunity to practise.

I will tailor the session to your specific needs, for this reason it is offered as a one to one or small group session.

Please contact me for more details or to discuss your requirements.
tel 07951 900892
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